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Ranjitsinh Chauhan

Photography as an art, requires skill, talent and knowledge to master the art of photography and a professional. Gaining the knowledge and understanding of what your camera sees and rendering good composition is only one aspect / dimension to the professional photography. Besides the basics of photography concepts of exposure, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, there is a world beyond the basics and a lot more to mastering this art. A professional, you must have the basics, looking to move to a modern and professional level by focusing on the abilities and characteristics of the professionals. After fulfillment of primary expectations accordingly always comfortable with camera settings and shooting conditions, the scene is the closest thing to your photos presentable, pleasant and professional. Therefore, you must invest your time into understanding how to perfect your photos and make them the best that a certain amount of digital finishing and includes a fair deal of knowledge about how your equipment and technology affects picture quality. Here are some expert tips to help you, the professional aspect of photography. Often pitched as "the forbidden secrets of professional photographers," you will notice that these are just some of the finer nuances and practices of the professionals as to the "forbidden secret".

The decision on which format to shoot in:

The modern DSLRs offer the flexibility to decide to which format to shoot in. You can either be in JPEG (compressed form) or can shoot in RAW. You can select the size required depends on the flexibility and control in the final result.

Understanding and controlling the dynamics of light:

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is not dependent on your camera, it has more to do with your understanding of light. You can get the most out of photos with light to your advantage by capturing light and shadow to your photos show a realistic dynamics.

Learning to break the rules of photography:

First you must learn the rules and practice of breaking the rules. Breaking the rules is a way to encourage people to learn photography and discover the world of myths and truths (about photography).

MP for a photo-print is required:

The need for photo printing megapixel resolution varies with the pressure. Read the article "Busting the Megapixel Myth - How Much Resolution Do You Need For Print" And refer to the table, how many megapixels are needed for specific resolution says.

With Filters:

Filters are glass fittings that are used in combination with the lens for special effects. Filters can be used to compensate for areas of extreme highlights, reduced haze, reducing the light in the scene or even to protect the lens. Filters can be used to color and to filter in the case of infrared photography and ultraviolet photography.

Learn to keep your lenses:

Good lens is one of the most important factors for good quality and sharp images. It is therefore of utmost importance to take care and stay in cheap property, and the lens.

With histogram to your advantage:

Histogram is a graphical representation of photography captured. It shows the details in highlights, shadows and mid-tone areas covered. Histograms is useful for understanding the details recorded by the camera.

Understanding the methods of measurement of Your Camera:

camera meters the scene, unlike the human eye. It makes the view of the nature of the dosage is based configuration. DSLRs offer the different measurement methods (spot metering, center weighted and matrix metering), the dosage of each scene for the optimal exposure based on certain criteria.

Crucial Post Processing settings:

Digital photography offers the flexibility to make changes in the last shots. You can always open your pictures in the Image Editor and round your photos. Make subtle changes to your photos, to cause the field to correct for the maintenance of contrast and color cast.


This is perhaps the most important component, the drawing to your photo like a professional does.

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