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Macro Photography Ideas

Ranjitsinh Chauhan

Find some interesting and out of the ordinary project ideas for your close up or macro photography? Do you want from the usual flowers, leaves, plants and fungi? Tired of beetles, butterflies and spiders? All these topics can close proximity, but certainly not unique. Here are some macro photography project ideas that stimulate your creativity can be:

1st Cutlery. Knife, fork and spoon, large macro issues. Arrange like items together to create lines and patterns.

2nd Feathers. Feathers are pretty close. The central shaft produces a strong line that can be curved or straight, while the rest of the spring provides a soft texture. Use feathers, to find that you pick or buy, or one of your down pillow or blanket!

3rd Water droplets. This is a classic, but be creative and find your water on unusual surfaces such as a fence, a spider web or a rearview mirror. Morning dew makes almost any topic magical. In spring or autumn, you can look for frost instead of dew.

4th Glass. Close up photos of fine crystal glasses can yield wonderful abstracts filled with curves and reflections. For added fun, place glasses side by side or one behind the other, draw lines where they overlap to create. You can fill the jars with colored water for even more creative images. Finally, you can clear a sheet, but textured glass (available at stained glass craft stores) before adding your glassware. The possibilities are endless.

5th Foil reflections. While your glasses filled with colored water have, why not pull a sheet of aluminum foil or shiny silver craft paper? Use your macro lens to shoot down the slide and catch the reflections of the colored water into its folds and creases. This exercise is tricky and requires patience, but the results can be very rewarding.

6th Fruit and vegetables. They are not only good for your diet! Fruits and vegetables make great macro photography subjects. Try corn on the cob, cut lemon slices, or go for more exotic dishes such as dragon fruit. You can place on a light translucent slices for a clean, bright white background. You can also take pictures of fruit or vegetables on plates in complementary colors.

7th Rust and flaking paint. Fascinating rust patterns can be found on an old car, or even a metal trash can in the park graces old peeling paint fences and walls. Most people go through such elements without a second glance. Not you! Break out your macro lens, and reveal the hidden beauty. Only the harsh shadows caution if you are shooting in bright sunlight.

8th Car Details. The clean lines of the shiny chrome trim and polished on a car offer hours of photographic fun. They can be photos of your own car, but do not be shy about taking your camera on a classic car show. Car owners are usually proud of their vehicles, and no photograph, however your details.

9th Animal bits. The texture of fur on your dog or the wrinkled skin of an elephant in a zoo can be a great close-up. Paws, claws and teeth are also fun, as long as you keep to the path of the damage. Finally, eyes still convincing themes. Shoot close-ups of the eyes of your dog or cat (or a person, too!).

10th Tissue. For some particularly important abstracts, and a really unusual theme, try photographing a tissue. With a little imagination, the lines and shadows formed by the soft folds to create some interesting images.

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