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Digital Photography Tips


Night Photography Tips

Ranjitsinh Chauhan

Night photography can be some of the most dramatic images that can create, and it can also be one of the most difficult types of photography to learn and master.

Most photographers (and professionals) have hidden a pile of poor quality night shots. You may not be more focus, the exposure is incorrect or the wrong part of the photo is marked. But the results of the occasional evening of photography, making learning how to really worth it.

This article gives you some tips, with great photos at night (peak largely based on our personal experiences with taking bad night shooting). Even if you are not seriously into photography, these tips can help ensure that you are willing to take the once in a lifetime photographic opportunity, if you happen to have it.

Minimize the vibration at the beginning of exposure with the mirror lockup function on your digital SLR. Set the timer to minimize the movement of the closure, and finally shake. It is better if your camera to control a remote release.

Night Photography Tips

Not all cameras with bulb settings can trigger remote control. I've been trying to get a rubber band around the trigger control longer exposure time. I put the cap on the lens before the shutter opens, and then I removed it to start the exposure. Once the exposure was finished, I put the cap back on the lens and take out the rubber band.

You can also try using a small timer like I did, preset timer to the desired duration of exposure. Let both the timer and start the opening of the shutter at the same time. You will know when the exposure is over, that's when the timer beeps. This is superior than counting in your head.

Focusing in the near-darkness - it's a little hard to concentrate in a small dark room. You should be armed with a flashlight to provide you with enough light, you will need to be to shed light on the matter. In addition, it is easy for you to see the keys and buttons of the camera while shooting in the dark. It helps if you switch to prevent the lens to manual focus, every time you shoot.

Would you like to see stars? - If you are the stars in your place and see to capture them, you should have a 30 second exposure at ISO number at 400th The earth will turn in 30 seconds and that makes the stars form a track. Adjust ISO 100, f5.6 and an exposure of 5 minutes to several hours, and you will capture the amazing trail of stars.

Batteries - Never forget to take spare batteries when shooting at night to plan. The long exposure times will use up the batteries you why it is important that you substitute fresh or fully charged batteries with you the whole time.

Go wide - If you want to have a better field of view, using a wide-angle setting. It will also add depth and correct mistakes that you focus on the topic.

Go Low - Night shots are always dramatic and magical in some way. It appears to be even better and more beautiful, if your stand low to the ground looking for with no more than 12 inches above the ground.

Experiment with white balance - are far from planning to photograph landscapes of the lights in the city absorbed better with daylight white balance. Shall be recognized if it is a city you try to use light bulbs. This is to see light in the background as the lights on the streets and windows in the color orange to prevent. It will also help the blue sky darker.

Night Music

Experiment on different methods and techniques to you with the best technology that will come work for you. Trial and error will also help you to get better-looking pictures with such experience. Be armed with these tips on how you go and create your own photographic Music of the Night.

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