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How to Photograph Backlit Subjects

Ranjitsinh Chauhan

The light behind the object in the picture is just as important as all other elements in the picture, so be careful.

Can provide the light or add drama, the subject when photographing. The effect of light from both sides is a different look to add the image depending on the artistic skills of the photographer.

If your subject seems to be very lifeless and boring, the lighting magic to do it and it is really appealing and attractive. All the little details are seen in the image created with the use of the backlight and the mist through the animal's breath and the dew on the grass. The shadow of the subjects by allowing the backlight creates a leading line and catches the attention of the viewer.

Can now, because you're pretty confident on the magic of the backlight in order to do your pictures, here are some things you need to know in order to perfectly lit photographs.

Adjusting the settings for a backlight

Most digital cameras have settings for the backlight is automatically the exposure when you use the camera. Go over the manual and read the instructions and functions of your digital camera.

If your camera has no backlight, is that what you can do. Adjust the exposure up to 1 2 to prevent the camera from under-exposure of the image from the light behind the object.


If it feels dark areas in the background and it is not much light, a reflector panel in the vicinity of the subject matter may be brought to let the light bounce.

Reflector panels are available in camera stores and even online. They come in different sizes and colors. You can choose any size and color you add the amount of heat and intensity on the screen, depending wish. There are plates in white, gold and silver. They also differ in surfaces.

You can be resourceful and use other materials such as reflectors, a white poster board or foam board available in craft stores and office supply stores. There are elements in the image background, as the reflector as the sand, walls, windows can be used, or the sidewalk. These things can actually make the light bounce in the subject line of the shadow.


If you want to fill the shadows with light, you can use the camera's flash. It is better if you can control the camera's flash. You can change the intensity of light and reduce glare.

If you do not control the blinding flash of the camera will do the trick a couple of parchment paper. Place the parchment paper on the flash to reduce the glare of the flash.

Silhouettes, the ultimate backlit scenes

There are times, however, when the shadow is not required or necessary to convey the message. Sometimes the subject itself is enough to make the image perfect.

Once I came across a couple on a bench under the sunset in Door County, Wisconsin sits. The pair managed to attract my attention, so I grabbed my camera and took the shot then and there.

Photos with a torch

Taking pictures and look at your light source at the same time will cause lens flare. Lens flare is the light that enters directly into the lens and shows different layers of the glass causes the inside. Different lenses have different effects. Some lenses can better manage the incident light than other lenses.

There are times when, if you want the effect of lens flare in your work, there are also times when you just want it out of the picture.

There are ways to reduce lens flare and one way is to attach a lens hood or use your hand to cover the lens. Another possibility is to change the position of the camera. You can take the shot from a higher point and cut it down to the torch.

Shoot into the Light

Now that you know the basics about the light, it is time for you to accept these and start with the light to your advantage. What are you waiting for? Go!

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