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Sports Photography Tips

Ranjitsinh Chauhan

If you shoot in search of better athletic photos, and exert their effect? Sports photography presents many opportunities, dramatic and vibrant images that capture a lifetime. No other medium offers you with my heart pounding action, brilliant colors and patterns unique recording features opportunities.

The steps and guidelines presented in this tutorial cover a wide range of areas - from perfecting the shutter speed to ensure that you do not miss the action.

After these eight tips should greatly improve your photography, and have you the envy of all your friends will too. The key, up and over these eight tips, there is always fire! Practice makes perfect, so you have a steady hand and are prepared if that happens the big game.

Use High ISO

With a view to capturing the perfect shot, but maybe the lighting is not that great? The attempt to act in a minor league game to stop and need a faster shutter speed? Raising the ISO setting on your camera you can shoot at higher shutter speed, so you have a better chance of getting the perfect shot.

Professional sports photographers to stop you with a shutter speed of about 1 / 1000 seconds for his movement. During the day is simple. At night, however, you may need a faster than your lens F stop is appropriate. Increase by compromise, the ISO (which are used to film speed) of your camera. This now allows the camera to see more light.

So, how high you go? If you are using the latest and best cameras like the Nikon D700 and Canon 5D Mark II shooting, you can actually use up to the highest ISO levels (ISO 3200) and your pictures will still look good. In the past, higher ISO more noise in your photos. With newer camera systems, but images look great on every level.

With that said, I usually shoot at ISO 1600. There is a good balance between ISO 800 and ISO 3200 and allows me at a much faster shutter speed to shoot for sport.

Depending on the camera, you can use to Auto ISO, so your camera to automatically select the best ISO setting for you. The only anomaly is that the automatic system does not change your ISO at full steps, such as ISO 400, ISO 800, but it can change the ISO from 200 ISO to 210 ISO. Consider this if you use ISO settings just starting for a better night shots.

Try to Do Something Different

Every sport needs to look picture-not the same. A few years ago some photographers tried a little something different for the journal American football. Instead of shooting at eye level, they laid so low to the ground as they could in the end zone with a wide angle lens. What does this have to do to their images? There she worked with a new perspective to help tell the story. Who were these people, you ask? Sports Illustrated photographer. Well, everyone does it.

When shooting, be original and try something else. At each event I cover, I look for so many new ways to approach it as possible. I mainly work as a professional motor sports photographer, shooting everything from NASCAR, but in any event there is a new setup. This allows me to try new backgrounds, new perspectives and new locations.

You do not have to shoot professional sports to try something else. Even if I shot high school football, I would always look for new angles and ideas.

By trying something different, you can develop your creativity and take something that everyone else did not. In the picture below I shot through the windscreen of a race car and grabbed the drivers prepare to go to the track.

Do not forget the environment

This may seem a breeze, but do not forget your surroundings. Whether it's a stadium full of cheering fans tailgating outside the environment present unique opportunities to capture the spirit of the game without shooting the action itself.

Before kick-off, tailgating is a great place to capture images of real fans before the game.

Before a basketball game tip courtyard is also a great place to shoot pictures of team spirit.

Even after the game starts, do not forget the environment. If you have a bigger lens like a 14mm or 10.5 mm have climbed as high as you can and one shot shows the whole stadium full of cheering fans.

With an equipment belt or pocket Be Ready

Ever wonder why so many photographers carry sports equipment? It is because we build bigger muscles during walking as.

Joking aside, once you get on the edge or in the middle of the action it hard, your bag and walk you change devices. Many sports photographers use one of three things, to carry their gear while working on the sidelines: a carry case, belt or a photo vest.

Photo vests were cool a few years ago (I had one), but now they are impractical for all lenses you need to carry around and quick access. I prefer a good harness. My harness has 6 holster that can be used at any time, should any of a large lens holder for the flash.

The belt system allows me to quickly switch between the lens and keep all my Compact Flash cards together in a safe place. This allows me to stay on the edge ready for action with a variety of lenses and, because it covers every holster, also offers rain protection for outdoor sports.

Some companies also offer "on the side bag" which meant to be used for sports photography.

The key to a good system is to find one that fits well and works for your specific needs. Visit your local camera store, try it and see what works best for you.

Focus on Player

A lot is during a game. There are a lot of great pictures, you'll probably miss. Concentrate on the best shot you can at any moment, and not the ones you worry about missed. In a tennis match, take your time to focus on one player to serve. Then switch your attention back to the other players. Very quickly you will become a part of the rhythm of the game. And when you reach this point, you see possibilities, as indicated.

When shooting a high school basketball game, I focused on the best players in each team. Now I knew that other players would make great shots, but I also knew that teammates would be to locate these two players. When the ball came to them, I took pictures. If they pass the ball, I have pictures. I avoided always distracted by other measures. Both players went on to star in college, one of them played in the NBA, and I have some great shots that night.

Place and Timing

These are the two most important things to keep an eye on in the sports photography, and they can not be separated. You must be in the right place at the right time to get a really big sports picture. And it has nothing to do with luck. If your son's high school football team, the marching field for a touchdown, then not so caught up in the game that you've forgotten, on the back of the end zone in a hurry. From there you can get the perfect shot of a receiver catches a touchdown pass or a defender barreling into the end zone.

Do not be shy about in the right position, either. I do not recommend you sneak sidelines during the Super Bowl and risk arrest. But for many events, if you ask politely and explain what you do, you will let officials on the sidelines. You can also check in advance to see if you can get a sideline pass. They are not only reserved for the media. It is good to check even before the event, but if you do not, ask at the cash register when you arrive. After all, the worst thing they can say no!

Sport stir the soul - for millions of fans, they fight their favorite teams to win, even if they end in defeat, they inspired in their daily lives. Your photos can have a similar impact.

Imagine the joy a parent when they present with a picture of their child scoring a touchdown or goal ... make your lasting memories when you take a picture of your child's own moments of glory. It will reaffirm their commitment - and you - and inspire you both for many years to come.

USE of Flash

With the inclusion of professional or college sports flash photography is normally forbidden. Flash can distract the players and coaches do too crazy. There are a few exceptions, such as basketball and other indoor sports, but in flash is usually never allowed.

For indoor sports, schools have usually installed very strong flash (or flashes) in the rafters of the gym, so fall is an ideal amount of light to the playing surface. These flashes are then synchronized to the camera with a Pocket Wizard.

When shooting outdoor sports like football or baseball, you should never be an on-flash. Therefore, ISO settings are so important.

Well, if you shoot a local sports event or a lower level event, such as high school football, then flash is usually acceptable. I always check with either the coach or the school athletic director, to ensure that no one is disturbed when the lightning started diving.

Many sanctioning bodies have special regulations for photographers, so before you shoot an event be sure to read this so you do not know what is OK and fine.

Slow Shutter Speed

Along with trying something different, try a different shutter speed sometimes. If you shoot baseball and want to capture the momentum in a perfect silhouette, I can not recommend shooting at 1 / 60 of a second. If you want a cool shot, but blur the background, it works great.

Many professional photographers from Getty Images and Reuters use this technique to energy to add their pictures look great and clean background. The shooting at 1 / 100 second or 1 / 80 of a second can blur the focus of the players and sharp but the background and creates a very cool effect.

I hope you enjoyed this article here at Photography Tips. Please visit other more this topic related issues at Photography Tips or http://loriloo.blogspot.com/

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  1. I really impress with those sports photos and for sure sport photographer user a good type of camera to take this shots.

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