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Photographing Moving Water

Ranjitsinh Chauhan

Photographing Moving Water

Moving water is an interesting subject to photograph. There are ways that you own the image of moving water. Straight stretch of exposure time. What happens with fast moving images, it is makes the water freeze. Add long-term exposures on the other hand, ambiguity and the water in the falls appear rich and smooth.

 Go long on exposure

To the uncertainty, strength and softness of the water, bring the number of your camera ISO and aperture. This is, to the shutter speed to more than half a second or more can do for you, which capture moving currents. Exposures will be smooth for about 20 seconds longer or more waves and the waves.

Familiarize yourself with the different modes the camera has such a program mode, to reduce the shutter speed. The automatic settings can be reversed to achieve better-looking photos of moving water.

illumination OR Lighting

Too much light is not good in taking pictures of moving water. It is ideal for photos late in the day or early to take a day when the light is not so intensive and low angles. This is what photographers call the Golden Hour.

You're lucky if it is a sad day because it can shoot any time of day. What can the direct sunlight, and ugly shadows makes it difficult, the long exposure time you need to get pictures of the perfect image of moving water.

Your Water Filtering

It is also good if you can use a polarizing filter to reduce the light. It can also contribute to the occurrence of bright hues that look like blown-out white spots out of the water.

You can put using a neutral density filter and the polarizer. It will contribute to more light. This allows you to get misty with moving water in your photos with the longer exposure time.

Extra Shots For Photographing Moving Water

Long term exposure may cause camera shake. It is then important that you keep the camera steady by using a tripod. You can use the camera against a solid object such as leaning against the wall bracket.

It is better if you moved closer to the water and are furnished with low to the ground in order to increase the movement of water and it look real.

One good thing about digital photography is you can take multiple shots, check results and some changes.

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