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How to Photograph Fireworks

Ranjitsinh Chauhan

Fireworks are exciting to watch, the more so if you make the pictures. It is such a challenge to shoot fireworks. It is necessary to plan ahead if you plan to photograph fireworks. Be an ideal place for your camera is an advantage if you are only a few hours before the fireworks begin. You should be a place where your view is not blocked.

How to Photograph Fireworks

Decide what your foreground and background. Choose a place where people not to pass on to you and not your eyes, you draw. However, there are times when people are part of the background preferable. The fireworks lit the background.

It is important to keep your place while the pictures of the fireworks is not very close to street lights, neon signs or artificial light. This can get in the way of your view of the fireworks and spoil the effect of the fireworks.

You should know exactly where the fireworks explode. This way you can display the massive explosion of light.

Take some shot s, even before the show starts just to the focus and settings to make it right. This gives you time to do some adjustments before.

Once the show begins, you take several pictures over and over. The more you take, the better chance to get the perfect shot or shots.

To capture two to three bursts, a longer time to capture by 4 seconds. For the final burst in the grand finale, one or 2 seconds of exposure time.

What to bring:

* A tripod will keep blurring. It also allows for a lower ISO number to shoot, to reduce the noise in the background.
* A small or medium-sized flashlight will be very useful if the settings in the dark.
* Spare batteries and memory cards.

Getting your camera ready:

* A bug that photographers do when they get to zoom to a closer shot. It is best if the focal length at 50mm, or is even wider. This is ideal for shooting fireworks. You can even edit crop the image if it, in order to achieve the close-up look.
* The camera should be on the highest quality settings.
* Set your digital camera to infinity mode, especially when it's dark because the auto focus can be slow in the dark.

* Blur pictures is the last thing you want to take your shots. Use a tripod to prevent this. The tripod will keep blurring. Use the camera remote control to the trigger.
* Turn off the flush or something to cover it like a piece of paper or cardboard.

Other camera settings:

When you press the shutter for a longer time to want to get a correct exposure, automatic settings must be set, especially when the camera settings can not be changed. The camera has a fireworks mode, set it there to catch the fireworks perfectly.

A landscape mode is an alternative if the camera has no fireworks mode.

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