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Photographing Products

Ranjitsinh Chauhan

Online auctions are popular and most searchable query on Internet world.. More and more crowd or people rely on the Internet when they need to buy something. It is important to display the images come alive and attractive lure for buyers.

The photos of poor quality in auctions featured on eBay as follows:

Photographing Products

* Dull lighting
* Lifeless
* Appearance of ugly color cast
* Less detail about the product
* Not enough color contrast between the product and its background
* Not the ideal background material
* Shadows, the main theme to overpower

Proper lighting is one of the secrets to come with an attractive auction photos are beautiful. All you need is using the correct lighting and are some simple steps for your auction photos out.

Product image set-up

Apart from lighting, is the place where to shoot, instead of the product is so important. Looking for a perfect location in your home or outdoors, where the natural light comes in to when you want to shoot inside the house, set up the table you use, where the light strikes the subject as close to the window or is near an open door.

Lined with a white sheet of paper, place the vase in a translucent container. Align the "Studio" on the porch and get a tripod.

Set-up preparations

You do not want the product that you have dirty and dusty, that's the last thing you want would happen. Get a lint-free cloth and wipe it. Thorough washing or polishing is everything you need to look perfectly on the image.

Everything about the topic should be complementary and together, especially with the product. If the product has a bright color, is the backdrop in his dark color. If the color of the product is dark, the background should be lighter in color. If you want to use fabric for your background, make sure it is properly installed without wrinkles and creases, if you do not look like that are driving it.

With artificial light

When shooting product photos, it is very necessary to get a good look at lighting, with a properly labeled product, clearly and without blur and with complete details. You can continue to artificial lighting and come with a perfect product photo. Improve it by the natural light in, in order to improve the photo.

It's not a good idea to use the inbuilt digital flash, because the dark areas and uneven lighting is used on the product.

The flash of the camera can create ugly shadows on the sides of the product. It may also cover some areas in the picture or go unnoticed and with little detail.

If you do not turn off the flash on your camera to a box or other object on the flash, it can cover stick.

"White light" light bulbs are designed to produce light doors. So, if you do not have lighting facilities and plan to make several product lines, photos, use the "white light" light bulb. Think you always remember to change the white balance setting any kind of artificial light, which you use to illuminate the products.

To avoid mistakes, a few test shots can thus make necessary adjustments to the settings on the camera and changes to the light. The light must not beat the product for unwanted shadows they created.

You have the option of the camera by hand to keep quiet and achieve best results when your camera has image stabilization at lower shutter speeds. Use a tripod if the light is something you do not with a shutter speed of 1/60th of a second and a fast shutter speed indicator lights may have.

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