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Moon Photography Tips

Ranjitsinh Chauhan

Full Moon Photography Tips
Moon is a very interesting subject to photograph. Please read our great tips on how this moon photo photography tips.

You should be aware of at the time of sunset and moon rise, when the full moon comes. Wait until the moon to rise about a half hour before sunset. This is the suitable or good time to shoot the moon. There are websites, the exact time of sunset and moonrise function.

The objects in the background will add drama to the picture, as they serve as silhouettes.

If it's still light, when you capture the moon and the landscape outside, from a low angle to shoot. This makes the moon appear to be majestic.

Take the 15 to 20 minutes to start and moonrise, several shots. At that time the moon is very bright enough to light everything in the background.

You need to know exactly where the moon rises, or appear so you know exactly where you know yourself and your camera. Once I got disappointed, because the moon was somewhere I had to move to another location. Monitor the rising moon for a day or two days before the exact day of shooting.

After taking pictures with the image editing program. Crop the moon, it seems to increase.

A half moon is an interesting subject to. The shadows and craters appear once the sunlight hits the surface at an angle. The crater and the shadows that appear in the crescent moon are simply amazing and beautiful to see.

Recommended Accessories

1. You can release a cable release or remote control to trigger when you have to be somewhere else and you do not have to hold the camera.

2. Charged extra batteries and memory cards for backup.

3. Remember to bring pen and notepad just in case.

4. A must is a flashlight or a torch in setting up your system or writing notes.

5. There are small stuffs that can not keep your hands all at the same time, you wear a T-shirt, jacket or a vest with many pockets, so that the materials you need are easily accessible.
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  1. its really amazing tips, i am going to share with my friends... thanks a lot man and obviously waiting for the next tips. :)

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